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Validus Appoints Dani Balogun As Strategic Advisor And VP Of Africa

Dani Balogun  expresses his delight at taking on the role of Strategic Advisor and VP of Africa for Validus. He brings his connections and insights into African, Caribbean, and European business and trade.

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The Guardian Nigeria


Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Dani Balogun left the shores of the country at age 4, yet by that time, he had inculcated the resilient spirit that Nigerians are known for. With a love for his country, it is clear that everyone needs a Dani in their lives.

While some might describe him as lucky, what they do not know is that Dani took his chances at the right time and is on a journey to making Nigeria succeed as much as Nigerians in the diaspora. He speaks to The Guardian Life on his explored chances, lessons of a lifetime and inspiring hope.

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Van Niets Naar Iets

Dani Balogun – Sulex International & RED SAND Group

Dani Balogun is geboren in Lagos (Nigeria) en opgegroeid in Papendrecht. Na het afronden van zijn middelbare school wordt hij militair en is hij als paratrooper actief. Na een aantal jaar als militair gewerkt te hebben, wordt hij door een vriend geïntroduceerd in de direct sales wereld. Hier ontpopt hij zich tot ondernemer en super-netwerker. Na dit succes heeft Dani aantal jaar geleden het bedrijf Dani Sulex International opgezet. Dit bedrijf houdt zich bezig met het ontwikkelen van duurzame en betaalbare vastgoed in gebieden zoals Nederland, Ghana, Nigeria en de Nederlandse-Antillen. Inmiddels heeft Sulex International honderden vastgoed objecten opgeleverd en heeft Dani samen met andere partners de RED SAND Group opgezet. De RED SAND Group maakt het voor kleine investeerders mogelijk mee te doen in grote en kleine vastgoedprojecten. Ben je benieuwd naar het hele interview? Beluister deze aflevering en raak geïnspireerd!

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Made For Minds

Dani Balogun rentre chez lui et crée son entreprise

Après avoir vécu plusieurs années aux Pays-Bas, le jeune de 33 ans a décidé de retourner en Afrique et créer une société immobilière. Suivez l’histoire de Dani Balogun.

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Opera News

His Lovely Family; See Photos Of The First Blackman In Europe To Be Called Regional Vice President

Dani Balogun, who continues to prove that there is nothing wrong with life, set up his tent in all trials. From innovation to business, he continues to demonstrate his skills and passion for achieving what many cannot.

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Embrace your  potential.

I have one life and one chance to make it count for something.

My faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference.

Dani Balogun.

In addition to his involvement in numerous investment opportunities, Dani Balogun is also the co-founder of Sulex International, Sulex Bungalows, Sulex Caribbean, and Red Sand Group.

Also, as a strategic advisor and VP of Validus Africa, he brings his wealth of experience and expertise to help drive the growth and success of this organization.

With his diverse portfolio and commitment to excellence, Dani is a trusted partner for any real estate or investment venture.

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